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Vision of success

maize-seed-handsBuilding on the input, strength and collaboration with over 300 partners, MAIZE combines the strength of farming communities, international and local public and private sector partners, policy makers and development organizations to ensure that the CGIAR’s maize research related-contribution effectively contributes to the following Vision of Success:

  1. Increasing demands for food are met and food prices are stabilized at levels that are affordable for poor consumers.
  2. Farming systems are more sustainable and resilient, despite the impacts of climate, and their dependence on irrigation and increasingly expensive fertilizers is reduced.
  3. Increased production in developing countries is achieved mainly through higher yields, thus lessening pressure on forests, hill slopes and other crops.
  4. Poverty and malnutrition are reduced, especially among women and children, and a greater proportion of women and young adults are able to engage in profitable and environmentally friendly farming.
  5. Developing countries are able to compete more vigorously in export markets and ensure benefits for a wide range of actors in the value chain of major food crops.
  6. Disadvantaged farmers and countries gain better access to cutting-edge proprietary technologies through innovative partnerships, in particular with advanced research institutes and the private sector.
  7. A new generation of scientists and other professionals is guiding national agricultural research across the developing world and working in partnership with the CGIAR, the private sector, policy makers and other stakeholders to enhance efficiency and impact.