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MAIZE photo Africa soils information services
In 2009, a group of scientists in Africa embarked on the Africa Soil Information System (AfSIS) project. Their goal: to fill a gap that has hampered scientific progress and agricultural and economic development in Africa for years – detailed information about African soils.
Agricultural Innovation: The United States in a Changing Global Reality
This paper explores the implications of the increasingly influential roles of global business, Brazil, China, and India in agricultural research and the limited national research capacity of developing countries. It concludes that to meet future challenges, the international system has to take a more comprehensive perspective on the entire world’s innovative capacity –both public and private.
Innovative tools for visualization and basic statistical analysis
Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP)
Accessible, leading-edge crop breeding tools and services
Monitoring African food and agricultural policies
FAO policy monitoring system produces a range of analytical documents to support evidence-based policymaking in their partner countries. These include country reports and commodity-specific technical notes.
Science Forum 2013
The Science Forum series is a flagship event that was initiated by the Independent Science and Partnership Council (ISPC) in 2009 under its remit of Mobilizing Science.
Tackling killer aflatoxins in African food crops
Scientists at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) have developed a natural, safe and cost-effective biocontrol product that drastically cuts aflatoxin contamination in food crops, in order to improve the health and incomes of farming families in Africa.