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Maize-related databases and tools

Maize Africa soils maps
A wide variety of maps depicting soil and ecosystem health indicators can be created from the Africa Soil Information System (AfSIS) databases. They can help identify the impact of various soil conditions on soil health and agricultural productivity.
Cereal Knowledge Bank
The Cereal Knowledge Bank (CKB) is the world’s leading repository of extension and training materials related to cereal and cereal production. The CKB was launched in January 2008 and is managed by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) as a service to people working to improve the well-being of poor cereal farmers and consumers.
Crop Genebank Knowledge Base
The Crop Genebank Knowledge Base is an initiative of the System-wide Genetic Resources Programme (SGRP) of the CGIAR. It was developed as part of the World Bank-funded project “Collective Action for the Rehabilitation of Global Public Goods in the CGIAR Genetic Resources System, Phase 2 (GPG 2).”
Maize Doctor
Maize Doctor provides a simple, stepwise method for identifying maize production problems and pests and suggests ways you can overcome problems in the field and improve production. Explore the link boxes on the left side of the screen to finalize your diagnosis.